Lawn Insect – Clover Mite

(Bryobia praetiosa)

The Clover Mite also known as Bryobia praetiosa is a small turf damaging pests that is actually a relative of the spider and the tick (arachnids). These lawn pests will often invade homes and other indoor environments during the spring and fall months. Clover mites are found throughout much of North America and commonly affect Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass.    

Identifying Clover Mite -

Adults are dark brown to greenish-brown and have front legs about twice the length of the other legs. All legs are reddish-orange in color. The body shape is an oval and slightly depressed, with scattered, flattened hairs on the back. Immature mites are dull red and they can be easily seen with a 10x magnifying glass.

Clover Mite probes at the surface of grass blades and sucks the juices. This results in a loss of chlorophyll and moisture that will cause the turfgrass to have a silvery appearance. Heavily infested areas may fail to green up in the spring. The damage caused by Clover Mites is most often concentrated in areas close to the south and west sides of buildings where lush growth is found. When crushed, they leave orange-red stains that are difficult to remove.

Clover Mite Life Cycle -

This pest is unusual because it is most active during the spring and fall (cool) seasons. The eggs can remain dormant over-summer and over-winter and several overlapping generations occur each fall and spring. Where the turf doesn’t freeze, Clover Mite can be found throughout the winter.

Clover Mite Control -

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Clover Mite

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