Broadleaf Weed – Carolina Geranium

(Geranium carolinianum)

Carolina Geranium – also referred to as Wild Geranium, Carolina Crane’s-bill, Crane’s-bill – is normally a biennial but can also be a winter/summer annual broadleaf weed. Preferring dry, open areas, Geranium carolinianum is often found growing in woodlands, prairies, limestone glades, abandoned fields/pastures, lawns and roadsides, as well as miscellaneous waste areas. Carolina Geranium can be found throughout much of the United States and Canada.

Identifying Carolina Geranium -

Carolina Geranium can be identified as a biennial (sometimes a winter or summer annual) with elongated stems growing vertically and branching near the base. Its stems are densely hairy and greenish-pink to red in color. The leaves are hairy on both surfaces and usually divided into five segments. Carolina Geranium leaves and stems are often red in sunny, low-fertility or dry sites. The weed has a fibrous root system with a shallow taproot.

Blooming from May through July, Carolina Geranium produces small clusters of pale pink flowers with five petals. Reproduction is by seed.

Carolina Geranium Control -

Carolina Geranium can be removed by hand, but only prior to seed formation. Once seeds have formed, hand pulling can spread the seeds to additional areas of your lawn. If you are unsure if seeds have formed, do not attempt to remove and consult a professional about herbicidal weed control options.

Carolina Geranium

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