Grassy Weed – Broomsedge

(Andropogon virginicus)

Broomsedge – also referred to as Broomgrass, Sagegrass and Broomstraw – is a perennial grassy weed. Andropogon virginicus is primarily found growing on the edges of forests and wooded areas, but has been known to plague residential lawns as well. Broomsedge can be found throughout much of the eastern United States.       

Identifying Broomsedge -

Broomsedge can be identified as a clump-forming perennial with several tall stems sprouting from a basal crown. Its ligule is membranous, fringed with hairs, and the sheaths are very strongly compressed and flattened. Broomsedge also features a narrow collar, divided by the midvein and hairy at the edge. Its blades are compressed near the base and hairy along the edges and near the ligule.

The leaves turn into unsightly brown tufts during winter, resembling broom bristles. In fact, household brooms were once made from these tufts, hence the common names “Broomgrass” and “Broomstraw”.

Broomsedge Control -

Mature Broomsedge can grow quite tall and must be plowed, mowed or even burned for removal. However, as a younger weed Broomsedge can be very hard to distinguish from desirable turf – especially if it has invaded your lawn or landscaping.


Scotts LawnService recommends cultural weed control practices to reduce Broomsedge in your lawn and landscaping. This is due to the limited number of selective weed control products options to kill this weed. However, this weed can be controlled with non-selective weed controls such as Round-Up, which will kill this weed and surrounding turfgrass.  Re-seeding may be necessary to repair treated areas where Round-Up is used.

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