Grassy Weed – Broadleaf Panicum

(Panicum adspersum)

Broadleaf Panicum – also sometimes referred to as Tropic Panicum, Dominican Panicum, and Broadleaf Signalgrass – is a summer annual grassy weed. Preferring disturbed and open areas, Panicum adspersum is often found in croplands, lawns and landscaped areas. Broadleaf Panicum thrives in the far southwestern U.S., but can also be found in parts of the upper northeastern United States (including Pennsylvania and New Jersey).

Identifying Broadleaf Panicum -

Broadleaf Panicum can be identified as a summer annual that sometimes bends and roots at the lower nodes. It features leafy stems growing upright to ascending. Its blades are broad, flat, and often covered with fine hairs. Its leaf sheaths are also hairy, often in lines along the edges. The ligule is relatively small.

Broadleaf Panicum reproduces by seed, forming seedheads with ascending branches. It also produces flowers that are purple to greenish-yellow in color with obscure, rectangular lines.

Broadleaf Panicum Control -

Because it can root at the nodes, Broadleaf Panicum can spread throughout a lawn or landscaped area that is thin or poorly maintained. Cultural weed control methods are not particularly effective in removing this pest – professionally applied weed control treatments is the best option.

Existing Broadleaf Panicum can be controlled by a selective post emergent weed controls. To prevent future infestation, Scotts LawnService recommends selective pre-emergent treatments to fight Broadleaf Panicum in your lawn and landscaping.

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