Grassy Weed – Blue-eyed Grass

Sisyrinchium rosulatum)

Blue-eyed Grass – also sometimes referred to as Annual Blueeyed-grass – is a winter annual grassy weed. Preferring moist soils, Sisyrinchium rosulatum is often found growing in lawns, roadsides and pastures. Blue-eyed Grass thrives throughout the American southeast.

Identifying Blue-eyed Grass -

Blue-eyed Grass can be identified as a winter annual, featuring zigzagging stems. Its leaves are flat, light green in color, and clustered at the base.

Blue-eyed Grassproduces a flower that varies greatly in color depending on the specific species. Several perennial species that resemble Blue-eyed Grass also occur in turfgrass.

Blue-eyed Grass Control -

Blue-eyed Grass can be difficult to remove from your lawn or landscaping, especially when relying solely on cultural control methods. Professionally selected and applied weed control treatments are the best bet for removal.

Blue-eyed Grass

Existing Blue-eyed Grass can be controlled by a selective post emergent weed controls. To prevent future infestation, Scotts LawnService recommends selective pre-emergent control treatments to fight Blue-eyed Grass in your lawn and landscaping.

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