Lawn Insect – Big-Eyed Bug

(Geocoridae spp.)

The Big-Eyed Bug also known as Geocoridae spp. is a beneficial lawn insect that can be found in most turfgrass species and in most areas of North America. This lawn insect is a predator of many turf-damaging insects.       

Identifying Big-Eyed Bug -

In its adult form Big-Eyed Bug features a flattened, somewhat oval shaped body with a head that is broader than it is long. The eyes are large and could be considered the key identification feature.

The nymphs resemble those of chinch bugs except Big-Eyed Bug nympths have bigger eyes and lack the distinct orange color and white stripe.

Big-Eyed Bugdoes not cause damage to turfgrass. Rather, it is a predator of chinch bugs, greenbugs, mites and many other lawn insects that cause damage to turfgrass. They run quickly over the turf surface in search for other insects.

Populations can become high in areas where severe infestations of chinch bugs are present. Their presence in your lawn can sometimes resemble that of chinch bugs. In fact, large populations of Big-Eyed Bug are often mistaken for a chinch bug infestation.

Big-Eyed Bug Life Cycle -

These insects overwinter as adults and become active in spring when daytime temperatures rise to 75° Fahrenheit. An entire life cycle can take 5-6 weeks during favorable conditions. This results in several overlapping generations during the growing season. Different species of Big-Eyed Bug may have different life cycles.   

Big-Eyed Bug Control -

Due to the beneficial nature of this insect, Scotts LawnService does not recommend prevention or control of the Big-Eyed Bug.

It's best to kill insects, grubs and other pests before they have a chance to cause damage to your lawn. Scotts LawnService recommends our exclusive Scotts® GrubEx® and Ortho® Max™ Pro insect control products, which will kill a wide variety of lawn damaging pests. Ortho® Max™ Pro eliminates destructive, bothersome insects, without disturbing the earthworms that are beneficial to your lawn's health.

Big-Eyed Bug

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