Lawn Insect – Bermudagrass Mite

(Eriophyes cynodoniensis)

The Bermudagrass Mite is a very small mite that can be found anywhere that bermudagrass is established. These lawn insects are typically found throughout much the southern U.S., from Florida west to California, and as far north as Missouri.       

Identifying Bermudagrass Mite -

Bermudagrass Mite is a very small mite that has an elongated, worm-like body that is pear-shaped and light yellowish in color. These lawn mites have only two pairs of short, forward-projecting legs. The Bermudagrass Mite lives and feeds under the leaf sheaths.

Damage from Bermudagrass Mites is usually first noticed in the spring, when the turfgrass seems to be weak and does not respond to irrigation and fertilization. The turf appears stunted, slightly yellow, and has significantly reduced spacing in between nodes. Leaves and buds become bushy, forming a rosette or turf with a “witches-broom” appearance. Heavy infestations of the Bermudagrass Mite produce an open, “tufted” appearance. The damage is most severe during hot, dry weather.

Bermudagrass Mite Life Cycle -

Due to their small size, little is known about their life cycle. One cycle from egg lay to full adulthood can be completed in 10-14 days if conditions are right. This can lead to a rapid buildup of a population in lawns with bermudagrass.  

Bermudagrass Mite

Bermudagrass Mite Control -

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