Turfgrass – Bahiagrass

(Paspalum notatum)

Bahiagrass is a warm season turfgrass that has a finer texture than St. Augustinegrass. It produces a blade with a medium texture and thick rhizomes. It can be established by Bahiagrass seed and requires reduced inputs compared to St. Augustinegrass.

Identifying Bahiagrass -

Bahaigrass features leaves that are rolled into the bud and a short, membranous ligules. The collar is broad, constricted and sparse with long hairs at the edges.

Auricles are absent and the sheaths are compressed and sparsely hairy.

Bahiagrass blades are flat or folded, more than 1/4 of an inch wide, sparsely hairy and taper to a point at the tips.

The seedhead consists of 2 or 3 slender spikes with spikelets that are blunt at the base, rounded at the center and taper to a blunt tip.

Common Lawn Problems with Bahiagrass -

  • Does not perform well in high pH soil
  • Readily forms a thick thatch layer
Turfgrass - Bahiagrass

Characteristics of Bahiagrass

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