Lawn Insect – Asiatic Garden Beetle

(Maladera castanea)

A native of China and Japan, the Asiatic Garden Beetle, also known as Maladera castanea, is a lawn insect affecting parts of the northeastern U.S. It is not as problematic of a pest in turfgrasses as other beetles and grubs because it typically feeds deep in the soil. Most of the damage caused by this grub occurs during September and into November.       

Identifying Asiatic Garden Beetle -

Asiatic Garden Beetle adults are long and broadly wedge shaped. They are usually chestnut brown in color and often have a velvety sheen. This beetle’s hind legs are distinctly larger and broader than its front or middle legs.

Asiatic Garden Beetle grubs can be identified by the vertical slit near the backside of the grub and the transverse curved row of brown spines.

Asiatic Garden Beetle seems to be less of a problem for turfgrass as they normally feed deeper in the soil on the roots of weeds – especially those of Orange Hawkweed. However, animals that feed on Asiatic Garden Beetle grubs can cause damage to your turf when digging and searching for food.

Asiatic Garden Beetle Damage and Control -

For control of the Asiatic Garden Beetle larva in your lawn, see White Grub control.

Asiatic Garden Beetle

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