Broadleaf Weed – Alsike Clover

(Trifolium hybridum)

Also known as Dutch clover, Honeysuckle clover, White Trefoil and Purplewort, Alsike Clover is a perennial broadleaf weed. This weed grows best in cool, temperate conditions but has adapted to survive in a wide range of environments and climates. Alsike clover can tolerate wet, infertile soils with high acidity and can also survive in slightly alkaline soils. Although the weed is a perennial, the normal lifespan of the Alsike Clover is 2-3 years.

Identifying Alsike Clover -

The Alsike Clover’s leaves are dark green and, like all clovers, feature 3 leaflets. The weed also features parallel veins, large, white petioles that are hairy and no stalk on the middle leaflet. Alsike Clover features round flowers that are white, or often tinged pink.

The flowers on Alsike Clover and the lack of a white crescent watermark on its leaflets are the main features distinguishing this perennial weed from white clover. Scotts LawnService can help you determine if Alsike Clover is present in your lawn or landscaping.

Alsike Clover Weed Control -

Alsike Clover can be a rather difficult weed to control using cultural methods. Close mowing practices have been known to discourage Alsike Clover, however this will cause additional stress to the desired turfgrass, resulting in a thin lawn.

Alsike Clover

Scotts LawnService uses a selective systemic weed control program to fight Alsike Clover in your lawn and landscaping, which ensures the herbicide is moved throughout the weed, killing it completely root and all.

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