Broadleaf Weed – Alligatorweed

(Alternanthera philoxeroides)

Also known by its scientific name, Alternanthera philoxeroides, Alligatorweed are perennial plants that thrive in damp soil and can also grow on water. Alternanthera philoxeroides can be found throughout the southern United States, but can also be found as far north as Illinois.          

Identifying Alligatorweed -

Alligatorweed can be identified by the sparse hairs on the perennial plant’s leaf base and stem. Its flowers are white, paper-like and ball shaped, blooming in midsummer. The flowers are located on short stems and are produced from the leaf/stem joint.

When growing in water as an aquatic plant, Alligatorweed features stems build up into large, inter-woven mats. When growing in damp soil, Alligatorweed produces underground stems that can grow up to one meter in length.

Alligatorweed Control -

Alligatorweed is very difficult to control using cultural weed control methods. Good lawn mowing practices, watering and physical removal are largely ineffective due to the plant’s ability to propagate from stem fragments or even its roots. It is important to quickly control Alligatorweed, as the perennial weed produces a number of effects detrimental to turfgrass and your landscaping. Its thick mats can restrict oxygen levels of water and interfere with irrigation in your lawn.

Broadleaf Weed Alligatorweed

Scotts LawnService uses a selective systemic weed control program to fight Alligatorweed in your lawn and landscaping, which ensures the weed control is moved throughout the weed, killing it completely root and all. 

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