Benefits of a Great Lawn - Allergen Control

The benefits of a great lawn go far beyond aesthetic beauty and home value. A lush, green lawn can actually have health benefits for you and your family, including providing allergy control. Millions of children and adults suffer painful allergy symptoms each year, preventing them from enjoying the outdoors. However, a healthy lawn can actually control allergens, allowing you to get outside and enjoy the weather!

Mowed turf helps control dust, pollen from weeds and grasses, seeds, spores, and biting and stinging insects. These allergens are sources of irritation and bring about allergic reactions that are highly uncomfortable for many people.

Poorly managed turfgrass can cause a reduction in the density of the grass stand. Since weed seeds are always present in the soil, open space in the turf canopy leads to an increase in germination of weeds. When weeds are allowed to take over, the pollen from the weeds can cause allergy problems. In addition, clover and other weeds that bloom in lawns attract bees and many people are allergic to bee stings.

A strong, thick turf cover can help reduce many of these problems, reducing the amount of weeds and providing allergen control.

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