Scotts Water Smart

New WaterSmart® makes every drop of water work harder

And we include it for free with every Scotts Lawn Service®program.

This exclusive formulation can reduce water use by up to 25%

WaterSmart improves turf quality because it improves a lawn's ability to absorb water and nutrients — it works by slightly 'breaking up' the soil and making it easier for it to absorb water. This helps move fertilizer and other applications into the soil more evenly and uniformly, which helps maximize the effect of watering.

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Now you'll water more effectively

WaterSmart helps lawns store more water in advance of (and during) dry weather. And more water gets to the roots, so lawns dry out slower and re-wet easier.

Please note: Water Smart is not an excuse to stop watering — most lawns require an inch a week to thrive. We'd like to recommend that you water for longer periods of time so, that the water gets deeper — encouraging deeper roots for your turf.

We get innovations like this, on average, a full 3 years ahead of our competition

Only Scotts LawnService can offer WaterSmart, since we're the only lawn service that's part of the Scotts Miracle-Gro family — which happens to have the world's largest lawn research and development facility. So this patented formulation is exclusive to our lawn service.

You still play an important role through proper mowing

Be sure to cut your lawn at the highest setting during the hot summer months. The additional leaf surface left after mowing allows the grass to store more water and stay cooler. (Makes sense when you think about it.)

Watering vs Roots
Long, Infrequent, Deep Watering vs. Short & Frequent
Mowing Height