Professional Lawn Care Services in Milwaukee, WI

Trying to maintain your own lawn care needs in Milwaukee can be difficult for a number of different reasons. Grass and soil types unique to Milwaukee require a specific knowledge for treatment, including the most appropriate fertilizer, weed and pest control products, as well as other lawn maintenance needs. Additionally, the climate in Milwaukee can be tricky when it comes to caring your lawn.

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Lawn Care Profile: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Climate Type:Humid Continental
Winters:Cold and Snowy, with greater than 50 inches of snow annually
Precipitation:Averages greater than 34 inches annually

Suitable Grasstypes for Milwaukee Lawns

Turfgrass Fine Fescue Turfgrass Tall Fescue Turfgrass Kentucky Bluegrass Turfgrass Perennial Ryegrass

Milwaukee is Wisconsin’s largest city featuring a variety of historical neighborhoods including Whitefish Bay, South Milwaukee and Wauwatosa. Not only is Milwaukee known for its brewing traditions but it’s also home to some of the country’s greatest museums like the Milwaukee Art Museum that features over 30,000 works of art. Due to its location the climate in Milwaukee can drastically change day-to-day, sometimes making it difficult for your lawn to stay healthy. With the experts at Scotts Lawn Care Service you’ll no longer need to worry about your lawn’s health, we can maintain everything so you don’t have to.

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Top Milwaukee Broadleaf Weeds:

Broadleaf Weed Dandelion Broadleaf Weed Common Ragweed Broadleaf Weed White Clover Broadleaf Weed Common Chickweed

Top Milwaukee Grassy Weeds:

Grassy Weed Yellow Nutsedge Grassy Weed Goosegrass Grassy Weed Hairy Crabgrass Grassy Weed Nimblewill

Common Milwaukee Lawn Diseases:

Lawn Disease Dollar Spot Lawn Disease Powdery Mildew Lawn Disease Dollarspot Lawn Disease Necrotic Ring Spot

Problematic Milwaukee Lawn Insects:

Lawn Insect White Grubs Lawn Insect Fall Army Worm Lawn Insect Hairy Chinchbug Lawn Insect Bluegrass Billbug

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