Introduction to Turf Damaging Lawn Insects

The group of lawn damaging pests, that includes insects and mites, are fascinating for its diversity and number of species. More than one million different species of these pests inhabit the world. However, there are only about 50 species that are considered turf-damaging. In a turfgrass environment, you may also find many types of insects, spiders or mites that do not cause damage to your lawn.

A Scotts LawnService professional can help you recognize the signs and symptoms if one of these turf damaging pest species is present in your lawn. Learn more about Common Lawn Insects.

Each Insect page that we feature provides identifying attributes of the individual insect, images of each turf insect, and the best control methods to eradicate your lawn of each Lawn Insect type. Click on the images below for a sample of the common Lawn damaging Insects:

Lawn Insect Types

Asiatic Garden Beetle

Japanese Beetle

Bronze Cutworm

Red Imported Fire Ant

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Other Common Lawn Care Topics

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