Introduction to Grassy Weeds

A lawn weed is defined as any plant that is not wanted in the lawn, even if it is a grass variety. Grassy weeds are often difficult to identify in a lawn or landscaping environment because they look similar to the desirable turfgrasses.

Grassy weeds are a major concern in home lawns because they are in the same family as desirable turfgrasses. The majority of lawn care practices used to encourage good turf growth will by nature also improve the growth and development of grassy weeds.

Once established in a lawn situation, there are very few herbicides that may be used to control existing grassy weeds without injury to the desirable grass. A key to managing grassy weeds is identifying them correctly so the appropriate control product can be used.

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Each grassy weed that we feature provides identifying key features of the individual grass, images of each species, and the best control methods to control grassy weeds in your lawn. Click on the images below for a sample of our grassy weed pages:

Grassy Weed Types

Annual Ryegrass

Blanket Crabgrass

Creeping Bentgrass

Witch Grass

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