Basics of Grass Growth

Curb Appeal

Benefits of a Great Lawn

When buyers are in the market for a new home, curb appeal is what gets them out of their cars and in the front door. And a beautiful lawn is as much a part of having good curb appeal as fancy French windows or a fresh coat of paint. But there are many more benefits to maintaining a healthy lawn. Learn more about the aesthetic, environmental and health benefits that a healthy lawn can provide:

How Grass Grows

Everyone wants a lush, full lawn, but finding the proper species of turfgrass for your area is essential. It helps to start with the basics of how grass grows. Learn more about each facet of grass growth in the following sections:

Grass Growth

Proper Grass Nutrition

Applying regular lawn fertilizer applications is an essential maintenance practice for achieving a healthy lawn. Regular application of turf fertilizer provides essential lawn nutrients that might not be present in your soil, helping to improve your lawn’s appearance and health. Learn more about the different types of lawn fertilizers:

The Importance of Soil

In lawn care, it's easy to think about what’s going on above the surface. After all, the appearance of a lush, full lawn above the surface is why we work for hours in the yard. Plus, most lawn care activities have a visual impact on the parts of the turfgrass plant that are above ground. Learn how the health and composition of your soil affects the health of your lawn:

Other Common Lawn Care Topics

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