Organic Fertilizer Alternative

What is SEA™?

SEA™, Scotts' Environmental Alternative is an organic fermented product made from deep ocean-collected seawater. It meets USDA organic standards and is listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI). SEA is expressly Formulated for Florida Lawns and produced for Scotts Lawn Service in Fort Pierce, FL.

SEA is not a substitute for nitrogen or phosphorus. This alternative promotes lawn growth throughout the black out period. SEA is a mineralizer that helps the soil release stored nutrients. It stimulates naturally occurring soil bacteria and fungi, providing essential elements to lawns.

SEA is liquid, odorless and light brown in color. Applications are children and pet friendly.

Why was SEA developed?

SEA was developed to turn a problem into an opportunity. Although weed and insect treatments continue during the black out period, applying nitrogen fertilization is not allowed during this time frame. Scotts developed SEA to help reduce lawn stress during black out periods by providing natural nutrition until traditional fertilizer treatments can resume.

How does a lawn benefit from SEA applications?

When applied during the rainy season, SEA promotes the growth of fungi and bacteria that will be absorbed by the root system. SEA mineralizer applications allow lawns to restore optimum quality after the black out period.

When should SEA be applied?

In several Florida markets, "Black Out" periods, as a result of local fertilizer ordinances, are in effect between June 1 and October 1. SEA applications are most effective during this time period.

Which Florida markets are opportunities for SEA treatments?

The Ft. Myers, Sarasota, and Tampa areas are among the markets affected by the black out. Check with your local authorities as other markets may also be affected.

Which customers are eligible for SEA applications

TurfBuilder Pro and Monthly customers will receive SEA applications. TurfBuilder Pro customers will receive up to 3 applications. And, monthly customers will receive up to 5 applications of SEA during the black out period.

When left untreated, what happens to lawns during the black out period?

When a lawn is not in good condition prior to the black out period, thinning will occur. A thin lawn does not filter rainfall well. Thinning potentially increases nutrient run-off and lower water quality. Thin lawns have more weeds. Lawns with insect or disease damage do not recover without fertilization. This type of lawn requires more fertilizer in the fall to become lush and green again.

Does anyone else offer SEA?

No, SEA is only available through Scotts LawnService