Florida Friendly Lawn Care

Florida Friendly Lawn Care

At Scotts LawnService®, we care about preserving the natural environment in Florida. We’re proud to meet or exceed all state and local regulations on safe application of lawn service products in your yard, and we recently launched our new SEA™ mineralizer product to help your lawn be its best during local fertilizer blackout periods. Florida is home to millions of different species of plants and animals—not to mention you and your family—and we aim to protect its unique environment so that future generations can enjoy it as well.

Together we can have healthy lawns and a healthy environment. Learn more about how you can do your part to maintain a Florida Friendly lawn this year.

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Our Florida Friendly products feature the latest in fertilizer, weed and pest control technology to make sure we’re helping the good things grow, and only eliminating nuisance or invasive plants and pests as necessary. We also encourage sustainable yard maintenance practices, like composting, using natural fertilizer, and recycling yard waste and rainwater. Plus, our Florida treatments use our exclusive WaterSmart® formulation, included with every program, improves your lawn’s ability to absorb, water, nutrients and weed controls by up to 25%, giving you a greener lawn and fewer weeds.

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