Scotts LawnService Knows Florida Lawns

Which turfgrass is best for lawns in Florida? There is no single best answer, but several varieties grow well in Florida’s warm, humid climate and offer great benefits. The chart below shows common grass types found in Florida, and the pros and cons of each.

Grass Type Pros Cons
Extremely drought tolerant and requires very little maintenance. Easy to establish and usually inexpensive. Resistant to disease and insects. Generally not as lush and green as other grass types, and can be overcome by weeds. May require frequent mowing due to fast growth. Doesn’t grow well with excessive watering. Usually best for areas where appearance isn’t a top priority.
Drought tolerant and can tolerate heavy fertilization, so it is easy to keep lush and green. Easy to establish. Very salt tolerant. Can be unattractive if mowed too low or on uneven ground. Requires direct sunlight.
Low maintenance, requires less fertilizer and is drought tolerant. Has a tight, even-looking appearance. Resistant to most pests. Best for Northern Florida and the Panhandle. Requires direct sunlight and can sometimes develop “centipede decline,” leaving large dead spots. Some people dislike its pale green color.
Florida Turfgrass - St. Augustinegrass Healthy-looking, dark green color that many people prefer. Can tolerate shade, and fills in quickly when properly maintained. Very popular Florida turfgrass choice. Requires regular watering to stay healthy. Susceptible to insects and pests. Must be mowed higher than other turfgrasses for optimal health.
Florida Turfgrass - Zoysiagrass Fills in thick and lush, with a dark green color. One of the more attractive varieties of grass available in Florida. Drought and salt tolerant. Thick growth resists weeds and holds up in heavy foot traffic. Can be difficult to establish. Requires frequent fertilizations, and cannot tolerate shade. May turn brown quickly in drought, although it will recover quickly when water returns. May not survive in wet soil.

As you can see there are several turfgrass options and maintenance considerations for Florida lawns. Scotts LawnService can help you choose and maintain the turfgrass that is right for your yard.

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