Fertilization for Florida Grass Types

Using fertilizer of the right type and the appropriate volume can do wonders for your lawn. By supplying extra nutrients to the grass, fertilizer can make your lawn greener, healthier, and more resistant to drought and pests. Scotts LawnService has done extensive research on Florida lawns and knows the right type and amount of fertilizer to apply at any given time of the year. Here are some important considerations when selecting and applying fertilizer to your lawn:

  • Grass type and local climate are critical when selecting the correct fertilizer to apply and knowing how often to apply.

  • Fertilizer is helpful to a lawn in nearly all circumstances, but over fertilizing can cause problems, and can even kill parts of your lawn if too much fertilizer is applied.

  • Scotts LawnService uses slow-release or controlled-release fertilizers which are generally preferred in almost all cases. These fertilizers release nutrients to the grass consistently over time, keeping it healthier and reducing how often it needs to be applied. The nutrients stay in the soil longer, unlike fast-release varieties, which tend to leach into groundwater and have a greater impact on local water quality.

Scotts LawnService best application practices include:

  • Sweep the fertilizer off hard surfaces like sidewalks, to prevent it from running off into storm drains. Always clean up a fertilizer spill, from any surface.

  • Avoid fertilizing within 10 feet of a body of water, to prevent excess runoff into local waterways.

  • Depending on grass type, fertilize only when grass is actively growing.

  • Use a broadcast spreader with a deflector shield, which gives more control over where the fertilizer is applied. These are actually required by law in some parts of the state.

Fertilizing in Florida can be tricky

Knowing how much fertilizer to apply and when to apply it can be tough. Visit Florida Yards & Neighborhoods for more information on how to feed your lawn safely and effectively.

Affected by the fertilizer blackout? Check out our new SEA™ product, a naturally-derived mineralizer that helps your lawn take better advantage of the nutrients already present in the soil. Click here for more information on Scotts Environmental Alternative.

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