How Lawns Help the Environment

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You might think of your lawn as just a landscaping feature, adding some green to your yard and giving kids and pets a place to play. But, if it’s properly maintained - by Watering and Mowing, your lawn can be a great environmental benefit in your neighborhood, too! Here are a few reasons your lawn is good for the environment:

  • It filters pollutants: The millions of blades of grass in your lawn help clean the air, trap dirt, and remove carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Underground, its roots also help filter the soil and remove chemicals and pollutants before they reach local waterways.

  • It prevents erosion: The wearing away of topsoil is becoming a major issue in the U.S. today, but by keeping your lawn full and healthy, you can do your part to prevent soil erosion in your yard. Research shows that grass is over 1,000 times more effective at preventing erosion than bare soil.

  • It absorbs water: Likewise, your lawn prevents additional runoff into local streams and lakes, and keeps rainwater right where it should be—in the ground. This helps prevent flooding and keeps waterways at a stable level.

  • It provides food for wildlife: A healthy lawn provides a home for worms and insects, which are the primary food source for many birds.

Lawns are not only good for the environment, but provide other benefits as well. Well maintained lawns provide allergen controls, a safe place to play and relax, as well as the aesthetic benefits of curb appeal and pride of home ownership. By keeping your lawn healthy, you’re making your yard look great and contributing to a healthier planet.

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