Scotts® Exclusive Products

Expert lawncare starts with expert products

All lawn services are not the same. Only Scotts LawnService® uses Scotts® professional-grade fertilizers, along with other superior products including Ortho®Max™ Pro® insect control and Weed-B-Gon® Pro™ weed control.

Here’s what makes our products so effective:

Scotts® professional fertilizers

Scotts® fertilizers contain the essential nutrients your lawn needs to build thick, green turf without burning. They also prevent and correct the yellowing that can occur when your lawn is deficient in iron or manganese.

Ortho Max® Pro® Fire Ant & Insect Control

Don't let harmful insects ruin your lawn—or your opportunity to enjoy it. Ortho insect control products eliminate destructive, bothersome insects without targeting the earthworms that are beneficial to your lawn’s health.

Ortho® Weed-B-Gon® Pro™

Weed-B-Gon is the single most effective weed control product available. Its formula is designed to deliver 100% root kill with results you can see right away. And while it's tough on weeds, it won’t harm your grass.

Scotts® Pure Premium® Grass Seed

The best seeds grow the best lawns. That’s why Scotts seed blends are formulated with premium grass varieties to produce thick, green lawns that are more resistant to disease, insects and drought. Plus, because Scotts lawns are thicker, they do a better job of keeping weeds out—because there’s literally no room for weeds to grow.

Scotts® Lawn Disease Controls

Our trained lawn professionals will evaluate your lawn for evidence of diseases like fungus, brown patches, blight and necrotic ring spots. If we find something, we use only our professional-grade disease control treatments to suppress or eliminate diseases before they can destroy your lawn.

Scotts® GrubEx® Guaranteed Season Long Grub Control

It’s best to kill grubs before they have a chance to damage your lawn. Scotts GrubEx eliminates these pests in one application—and it’s strong enough to protect your lawn all season long.