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Our local Scotts Lawn Service professionals provide residential lawn services including fertilization, crabgrass prevention, weed control, lawn aeration, seeding and insect and disease control.

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Why Choose Scotts LawnService®

A Service Program Customized To Your Lawn's Needs

Your lawn is unique, with it's own specific strengths and challenges. That's why Scotts LawnService takes the time to analyze your lawn, taking note of its grass and soil types, turf density, sun exposure, lawn diseases, insects, weeds?even pet damage. With this information, we then develop a treatment program designed to address your lawn's specific problems, while at the same time enhancing its strengths.



Why Choose Scotts LawnService®

Lawn Care Designed Around Your Goals

We understand?everyone has their own vision of what they want from their lawn. We'll work with you to figure out what you're looking to accomplish, and then create a program designed with one thing in mind: giving you the lawn you want.



Why Choose Scotts LawnService®

Professional-Grade Products Other Services Can't Offer

Only Scotts LawnService uses Scotts® professional fertilizers, as well as Ortho Max® Pro insect control and Ortho® Weed-B-Gon® Pro weed control products. And if your lawn needs extra care, we're also the only service that brings you products like Scotts® Premium Grass Seed, Scotts® Lawn Disease Controls and GrubEx® Pro.



Why Choose Scotts LawnService®

Trained to be the Best

Our field staff undergoes rigorous training and certification at the Scotts LawnService® Training Institute?, headquartered at the world's largest turfgrass research facility in Marysville, Ohio. Which means your lawn will be inspected, diagnosed and treated all season long only by Scotts LawnService professionals?never untrained technicians.



Why Choose Scotts LawnService®

Attentive, Expert Service All Season Long

Don't trust your lawn to people who just spray it and move on. With Scotts LawnService, your lawn will get attention throughout the season. We'll monitor it carefully, evaluating its progress during every visit and adjusting your custom treatment program as your lawn improves. What's more, we'll work with you to provide mowing and watering tips so you're sure to get the best results possible.


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It's Amazing What One Truck Can Do

We also offer these quality, professional services
Scotts Lawn Care Truck

#1 Lawn Care Company in the World

Scotts is a recognized leader by drawing on over 140 years of experience?making thicker, greener lawns. As part of the Scotts family, we know our name is only as good as our results. That's why your lawn will be analyzed, diagnosed and treated by Scotts LawnService professionals, all of whom have been trained by the Scotts LawnService® Training Institute?.

It's Amazing What One Truck Can Do

We also offer these quality, professional services
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