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    Why Pest Control

Tell these Insects to Bug Off

Pest control is the best way to keep these, and other creepy crawlers, out of mind and out of sight. Trust our
professionals to keep you, your family and your home protected from bugs. Below are the most common insects you
could find crawling in or around your home.

close up wasp


Protective of their nests, wasps will defend against invaders with
painful stings.

close up cockroach


Cockroaches spread germs, intensify allergies and multiply
at record-breaking speeds.

close up mosquito


Adult females need just a few inches of water to deposit their eggs.
(Available in select markets. Call to check if it's available
in your area).

close up termites


More homes are damaged by termites than by fire.
(Termite control service currently available in Florida only.)

close up ant


A single ant can lead the way for the entire colony to invade your home
when in search of food.

close up spider


Spiders may eat other insects, but they may also bite you — especially if
you run into their sticky webs.