• Ortho Pest Control Service technician

    Why Ortho® Pest Control

We Outnumber Them

Our technicians are certified, experienced and meet the industry's strictest requirements for qualifying and training the technicians coming to your home, including background checks. If having some of the most qualified people on our team isn't enough to convince you, these stats prove that we have some of the best results in the industry.

  • 100 Years

    The Ortho® brand has been eliminating pests for over a century, so we understand how they work and how we have to work to get rid of them.

  • 8 Points

    We assess and treat eight areas to safeguard your home at its entry points—where you and pests like to enter.

  • 1 Treatment

    Our first treatment begins working immediately, but we'll revisit the outside of your home throughout the year to make sure no one's sneaking in.

The Ortho 8-Point Defense Plan

Our exclusive 8-point treatment plan protects your home for a full year.
Roll over the areas below to learn more.

Interactive House

1. Perimeter Strip

Creates a foot-wide band around your entire home

2. Foundation Coverage

Protects cracks and crevices in your foundation

3. Ground Covers

Makes ivy and other ground covers inhospitable

4. Trash Areas

Insects thrive around trash cans

5. Mulch Beds

Mulch-like ground cover provides a cool,
moist breeding ground for insects

6. Thresholds

Because doorways are for people and pets

7. Decks

Pests like to hide under these structures

8. Window Wells & Crawl Space Vents

The most common entry points for insects