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    Identifying Issues

We'll find the issue. No Problem.

Drought, poor drainage, girdling and other issues keep your landscape plants from looking and staying healthy. From the bottom to the top, we look at the whole picture to ensure everything in your landscape is in working order.

Your trees and shrubs are prone to discoloring, and even death, when certain problems are stressing your plants. Below are some of the issues we treat so your landscape stays beautiful. We?ll find the issue. No Problem.

up-close of rooted roots

Root & Crown Rot

Rot can happen when plants get too much water and not enough oxygen. Once this starts happening roots suffocate and the top of the tree or shrub gets dieback (dying from the top down). You usually see this in drooping or off-colored foliage at the top. When it worsens you?ll see slow growth, decayed areas and possible mushrooming. Improper planting, poor drainage, compacted soils and excessive mulch all contribute to the problem.

standing water in lawn

Poor Drainage

Too much or too little water can kill a plant. Water that drains slowly, stands for a long period of time, or collects in a pool are all signs of poor drainage. Plants are drowned in the water, suffocating them from the oxygen they need. It can also change the shape of your yard by its effects on the soil.

tree with girdling root

Girdling Root & Twine

Girdling roots and twine happen when growing conditions are not optimal so it causes the roots and limbs to bend, twist or wrap around each other. The main stem can be strangled this way, preventing water, nutrients and food reserves to move throughout the tree. This can cause the tree to die, but unwinding the roots can also cause a death if not done properly.

up-close of soil with drought damage

Drought Damage

Short-term drought effects include wilting, scorching and losing leaves. After a period of drought, plants become stunted or die. Sometimes watering alone will not fix the problem. Proper fertilization may also be required to return the plantto its original healthy condition.

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Improper Planting

When planting trees and shrubs, there are numerous things that can go wrong. Besides finding the right plant for the location and climate, you have to be sure the hole is wide enough, no leftover materials are around the root ball and ensure they receive proper watering, mulching and pruning. If any of these things aren?t done perfectly, your trees or shrubs could turn unsightly.