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    Diseases No More

    When your plants are sick, we come to the rescue.

Put your trees at ease.

Your trees and shrubs are susceptible to all kinds of diseases that are spread by air, water or insects. And when your plants are sick, there's no hiding their symptoms. Their illness can show up on all of the plants' parts, from roots to leaves. Your trees and shrubs are prone to discoloring, and even dying, when certain diseases attack your plants. Below are some of the diseases we treat so they don't ruin your landscape.

up-close black spot on a leaf

Black Spot

Black spot is caused by a fungus. It's spread during the spring through wind and rain. When it infects a tree, it progresses from the lowest leaves to the top, causing defoliation and black circular spots. If these black spots go untreated, they merge to create an ugly black mass in your plants.

leaf spots on tree leaves

Leaf Spot

Shade trees often get leaf spot diseases that causes the differentiated coloring among its leaves. Discolored leaves with blotchy spots become apparent during midsummer, as infected parts dry up and fall out causing small holes as well. It's often worse in warm, humid weather and the best way to treat it is to prevent it before it starts.

powdery mildew on plant leaves

Powdery Mildew

When a tree or shrub is infected with powdery mildew, it looks like a white powder on the leaves. The fungus usually affects the lower leaves, and as it spreads it becomes more visible with larger, denser blotches. Your plants catch it with bugs spreading the fungus from one plant to another, so it's best to catch it early before it affects more of your plants.

tree leaves with rust


Not to be confused with the type of rust on cars, this plant disease is caused by a group of parasitic fungi. This rust attacks leaves, fruits, stems and other plant parts. It causes a rust-like discoloration, and as it progresses, it may slow down or stop growth. Its effect on growth means this disease is considered one of the most harmful pathogens to your plants.

fruit on tree with scab


One of the most serious diseases for apples, crabapples, and pyracantha, apple scab can cause havoc to those trees growing in places with mild spring weather (60-70 degrees). Fruits and leaves get spots, scabs and can drop before reaching full size. The disease is caused by a fungus that can survive through winter and produces millions of spores in the spring that latch on to trees.