• a clean kitchen

    The Ortho Advantage

    We know bugs. More than just a nuisance, bugs can damage your property, create health
    hazards and even contaminate food (gross). Ortho's been showing bugs who's boss
    for over 100 ?years - we know where they hide, how they live and? exactly how to kill them.

  • Why Ortho Pest Control Service

    We keep the bugs outside?where they belong. Our highly-qualified and trained technicians, perfectly-tailored equipment and an 8-point defense plan makes us a triple threat to bugs. We ensure that they are gone and stay gone.

  • Why Pest Control Service

    It?s not just about controlling pests; it?s about killing and preventing them so they no longer invade your home. Stop those little pests from causing property damage, health hazards and other hassles before it becomes a big issue.

  • What To Expect

    Our process is simple. Once we complete our Ortho Pest Control Service, if you have even the tiniest suspicion of a critter left over, we?ll come back. You're sure to have a comfortable home when you trust our experts.