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Broadleaf Weed Pineapple Weed | Rayless Chamomile ...

Pineapple Weed is a broadleaf weed that is low-growing, bushy, branching summer or winter annual. With crushed leaves, its odor is similar to a pineapple.

Lawn Service Plan Tailored to Your Lawn

Scotts LawnService Offers Lawn Care Tips For Your Perfect ...

Check out our Lawn Care tips for proper Mowing, and Watering of your Lawn. Learn how Scotts LawnService can make your efforts go further.

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Timothy Grass Identification and Control | Scotts Lawn Service

Phleum pratense is a coarse bluish-green perennial forming clumps and is cultivated for hay but can occur as a weed of low-maintenance turfgrass.

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Yarrow Weed Identification and Control | Scotts Lawn Service

Lawn Service Plan Tailored to Your Lawn

How to Get a Green Lawn | Elements of a Green Yard – Scotts ...

What makes some lawns green and some lawns… not? The experts at Scotts LawnService have the answers.

Benefits of Lawn Care: Prevent Weeds Thicken Grass Get ...

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roadleaf Weed Type-Birdsfoot Trefoil | Lotus corniculatus ...

Birdsfoot Trefoil is a low to prostrate mat-forming perennial with stems that can become woody with age and are square at the top.

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White Heath Aster | Aster Pilosus | Awl-aster-Scotts ...

White Heath Aster is a clump-forming perennial. It has clumped erect stems that are often woody at the base and branched in the upper portion.

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Lawn Service Plan Tailored to Your Lawn

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Pigweed | Amaranthus retroflexus | Green Amaranth

Pigweed is an erect freely branching summer annual with veins on the lower surface that are prominently white.

Tree and Shrub Diseases and Insects-Treatment

Why Ortho is a Highly Rated Pest Control Service

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Broomsedge | Broomstraw | Sagegrass-Scotts LawnService

Broomsedge is a clump-forming perennial with several tall stems from a basal crown. Its ligule is membranous and fringed with hairs.

Scotts Lawn Service: What to Expect

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Lawn Insect Bronze Cutworm | Nephelodes mimians – Scotts ...

Large quantities of the bronze cutworm can consume large areas of turf to cause general thinning. Birds peck at the ground to feed on these purple-gray to brown insects when present.

Florida Friendly Fertilizing Tips | Florida Specific Lawn ...

A strong, healthy lawn will fight off weeds, disease and pests; Knowing how to fertilize Florida lawns will give your lawn the nutrients to win the fight.

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Broadleaf Weed Type-Swinecress | Coronopus didymus ...

Swinecress, or Coronopus didymus is a freely-branched, prostrate winter annual. This broadleaf weed has white flowers that are arranged in clusters at ends of stems and leaf axils.