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Ant Control

There are various kinds of ants that cause different kinds of damages in your home. Killing and preventing ants in and around your home begins with identifying the species. Our certified technicians are experts at identifying and treating ant infestations with our professional strength products. Below are a few types of ants commonly found in or near your home.

Carpenter Ants

Similar to termites because they can chew through wood, they actually cannot digest it, but rather tunnel through it to make nests. This activity causes similar structural damage, creating hollowed out areas in both wood work and trees.

Carpenter Ant Facts

  • Genus includes over 1000 species.
  • The Black Carpenter ant is the most common one in contact with humans in the United States.
  • Their tunnels are smooth and are not mud-packed like termite tunnels.
  • They leave behind a sawdust-like material called frass.
  • Prefer dead, damp wood, as it's easier to chew.

Fire Ants

Fire ants get the name for their sting. When a nest is disturbed, they attack, causing burning and itching sensations. The pain, which is caused by a toxin they inject with their abdominal stinger, can cause welts or allergic reactions.

Fire Ant Facts

  • Adults' colors can range from yellow to reddish-brown to black.
  • Fire ants feed on other insects and dead animals.
  • They build mounds to warm eggs, larvae and pupae.
  • Their mounds can be up to two feet in diameter and eight inches tall.
  • Mounds cover the turf and block out the sun causing grass to become wilted or yellow.

Pharaoh (White) Ants

Pharaoh ants are small, yellow ants that are often confused with termites due to their light appearance, but they do not build mounds or tunnel through wood. They have a caste system with many queens and have multiple colonies in the same area.

Pharaoh Ant Facts

  • They nest in empty areas in walls, cabinets, behind baseboards, window moldings and behind insulation of appliances.
  • Outside they are found in leaf litter, flowerpots and in the debris of rain gutters.
  • Found outside more often in the southern United States.
  • Pharaoh ants can survive outside year long in subtropical areas.
  • Use pheromones to maintain routes or repel other insects.

Flying Ants

Flying ants are actually just ants at the mating stage in life. Not all ant species have wings, but for those who do, they can become an annoying pest in your home.

Flying Ant Facts:

  • Mating is more active after heavy rains (usually once a year).
  • Males die pretty quickly after mating.
  • Females either die or become queens.
  • Queens lose their wings and lay eggs for the rest of their life.
  • Younger queens replace the older ones as they die.
  • Thousands of wingless females make up colonies.
  • Their larvae look a lot like maggots.