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Professional Lawn Care Services in  Northern Virginia, Virginia
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    22713 Commerce Center Court Bldg #100/Suite 176
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Scotts LawnService® in Sterling, VA

Regular lawn treatments by Scotts LawnService® trained and certified technicians help thicken turf, improve lawn color, and kill weeds and lawn insects using Scotts' industry-leading products—including Ortho® Weed B Gon® Pro, Scotts® professional fertilizers, Scotts® Grubex® Grub Control, and Scotts® Premium Grass Seed. Your dedicated, local technician can also provide climate-specific advice on watering, mowing, soil type, sunlight conditions, and grass types—arming you with the information you need to optimize growing conditions throughout the year and ensuring that you get the most out of your treatment program.

Ortho® Pest Control Service in Sterling, VA

Household pests can quickly become more than just a nuisance. Many pests can damage property and create health hazards for your family. Our professional technicians treat the perimeter of homes to kill and prevent common household pests. Depending on your market, this includes cockroaches, spiders, wasps, ants and other common pests. Mosquito control service is also available in many areas.

Miracle-Gro® Professional Tree & Shrub Care in Sterling, VA

Our trusted specialist help keep landscaping plants healthy by feeding your trees, shrubs and landscape plants with Miracle-Gro® fertilizer at regular intervals throughout the year. Expert technicians also monitor your landscaping—watching for signs of disease, fungus, infestation, and malnutrition. If a problem arises, your local tree & shrub expert can quickly identify the issue and recommend a treatment and prevention plan.

Plans Available in Northern Virginia, Virginia

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