• 5 Common Lawn Problems

    Have an issue with something on your lawn? Here are the top 5 most common lawn problems and how we solve them.

up-close of three broadleaf weeds


Weeds can ruin beautiful, healthy lawns. Broadleaf weeds are an eyesore, and grassy weeds take nutrients away from your grass. Both need to be eliminated, but without hurting the rest of your lawn. Our proven products, and experienced technicians, do just that.

up-close of a lawn brown patch

Brown Patches

Brown patches on lawns can be from a disease or fungus, and sometimes it's hard to know the difference. Our trained technicians will find a solution that works best for your grass, whether it's disease control, pest control or overall soil improvement. We'll find the root of the problem so that your grass turns from brown to green.

up-close of bare spots in a lawn

Bare Spots

Bare spots are a common problem in many lawns. They can be caused by a variety of factors, like pet damage and lack of water. We use trusted products and tailored solutions to help address these issues. These spots will fill out and create a thicker, greener more uniformed look for your lawn over time.

up-close of a lawn with thin turf

Thin Turf

A thick lawn is desirable for many reasons; preventing weeds, filtering contaminants and avoiding wear and tear from foot traffic. Your turf's density will improve with our professional-grade products applied by our knowledgeable technicians.

up-close of a lawn lacking deep, green color

Lawn Color

Lawns lacking deep, green color are often either deficient in nutrients or there are water or drainage issues occurring in certain areas. Our technicians are trained to identify these issues and point them out. If the issue is nutrient deficiency, our regular service visits will improve color within a few treatments. We'll create greener grass with our nutrient-rich products and provide advice so that each blade grows strong, lush and green.

What's My Plan?

We know it takes more than watering and cutting grass for a great lawn, so we look at your location, turf and climate to tailor plans with the right products and services for you.