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Mulch Delivery and Installation

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A mulch bed is a quick and relatively inexpensive way to make your landscape “pop.” Rich, dark tones instantly add character to any yard, providing a striking visual contrast that elevates everything around it (including, we might add, your home’s resale value).

Unfortunately, getting that finished, professional look for your yard takes more than just a few bags of mulch and a couple of hours in the sun. Achieving deep, rich tones in your beds requires premium quality mulch and professional installation techniques.

Instead of spending hours installing your own mulch—only to end up with a dull, gray landscape a month later—let us take care of it. Call a Miracle-Gro® Professional Tree and Shrub Care specialist to learn more about our professional mulch installation service.

And if you’d like the defined edge lines that add an extra level of polish to your landscaping, be sure to ask about our professional bed edging while you’re on the phone.

Do you need Professional Lawn Services too?

Scotts LawnService is the trusted industry leader for professional-quality lawn care. Our lawn service teams consist of highly trained, industry-certified professionals, all of whom are trained to handle the lawn care challenges unique to your area. Contact a representative today and you can have a thicker, greener lawn that only Scotts LawnService can deliver.

Make your mulch Last Longer

We feature Scotts® Nature Scapes® Advanced color enhanced mulch with exclusive Color Guard® technology. Translation? Your landscaping will keep its rich color all year long, without fading to gray.

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Your mulch is professionally installed by Miracle Gro® Professional Tree and Shrub Care specialists.

Having a layer of premium mulch helps promote moisture retention in the soil, benefiting your flowers and plants will benefit.

Nature Scapes® Advanced provides natural weed prevention by blocking growth and access to sunlight. It also provides organic matter that helps condition the soil for healthier plants.

Scotts Nature Scapes® Advanced mulches are made from natural forest woods. Our mulch is never made from rotten or “waste” wood.

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Mulch Installation