Scotts LawnService® Organic Choice™

Lawn Care Programs

There’s more than one way to get a Scotts® Lawn. With Scotts LawnService Organic Choice™ programs, you can feed your lawn all season long using 100% natural fertilizers. These fertilizers are even more kid and pet-friendly, so you and your family can enjoy your lawn immediately after they're applied. And they work on any type of grass in any climate.

Choose from two Organic Choice™ lawn care programs.

Both options feature 100% Organic Scotts® Natural Lawn Food, applied only by certified Scotts LawnService professionals.

Organic Choice™

100% Natural Nourishment For Your Lawn

Get the lawn you want using 100% natural fertilizers. Your lawn will receive a full season of essential nourishment using Scotts® Natural Lawn Food—which, over time, will make it thicker, greener, and more resistant to invading weeds.

Organic Choice™ + TPR (Targeted Pest Response)

Organic Fertilizer With Targeted Non-Organic Weed And Pest Control

We’ll be honest, no natural weed or pest-control products currently available deliver results that meet the strict standards of Scotts LawnService. (Don’t think we’re not working on that, though.) As an alternative, consider Organic Choice™ + TPR.

This combination program gives your lawn regular applications of 100% organic Scotts® Natural Lawn Food. To prevent invasive crabgrass, your lawn also receives Scotts® Halts® Crabgrass Prevention in the spring, followed by selective non-organic treatments for weeds and insects only as necessary.